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Top 5 Most Popular Candies from the 60s

The 1960s gave the world many things that are noted in the annals of pop culture history like hippies and Jimi Hendrix. There was a lot of great candy that appeared during this time, much of which is still around today. Here is a look at the top 5 candies of the 1960s.


Lemonheads were created by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company in 1962. It was created while the company was trying to make a sour candy that was made similar to the Red Hot. About 500 million Lemonheads are produced each year and it is one of the most successful candies of the 1960s.


Starbust candy was introduced to the market by the Mars Corporation in 1960. It was originally called Opal Fruits. The name was changed to Starburst in 1967 when the candy was introduced to the US market. The original flavors are lemon, cherry, strawberry, and orange. Starburst is still a very popular candy brand with a successful marketing campaign that uses the slogan, "It's a juicy contradiction".


SweeTarts is a sweet and sour tablet shaped candy. Created in 1963, the candies flavors were grape, cherry, lemon, lime, and orange. Today, the candy is a lot sourer and the flavors are cherry, grape, green apple, and blue raspberry.

Candy Buttons and Razzles

Both of these candies were popular during this decade. Candy buttons are small round shaped candy that is affixed to a sheet of paper. They come in cherry, pink, and lemon flavors. Razzles were created in 1967 and are small candies that when chewed turned into gum. The original flavor was raspberry and it sells under the slogan, "First it's a candy, then it's a gum".

The 1960s is one of the most memorable decades in history. The decade gave us many things like great music, art, and literature. The decade also contributed plenty of great candy that is still enjoyed today.